If you run a business – small, medium or jumbo – you will experience some constraints at some time; that’s a force called DRAG. If however, you have marketing that is intelligently planned and well designed, you can overcome drag with a counter force; that’s LIFT.

Have you ever wondered how a Jumbo jet, weighing 400 tonnes, gets off the ground and stays airborne?

When your business has more LIFT than DRAG, you fly.

The Flying Marketer works with business owners and managers who have big ideas that they want to get off the ground. Business is an adventure but there is always uncertainty; flying high can be risky. Using a safety pilot has helped my clients create and cultivate marketing strategy that is positive, pro-active and profitable. Check to see Is This You?

“Mary was an inspiration in her style of presentation, succinctly interpreting the current market as well as offering practical ideas that could be implemented to make a difference to my business. Based on her advice I have been able to make immediate changes which I am sure will yield results. “

Ruth Leach – Ruth Leach Photography www.ruthleachphotography.co.uk 

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